An easy way for you to help prevent climate change - A percentage of every purchase you make with the Redirect Guide Visa goes to Sustainable Travel International's carbon offset programs to help fund renewable energy, energy efficiency, and sustainable development programs around the world.

You support a sustainable communities focused bank - A percentage of every purchase also goes to support One Pacific Coast Bank - the first bank in the United States with a focus on sustainability and community development. One Pacific Coast Bank is a FDIC insured bank that offers Eco Deposits and through its lending programs has assisted in the growth of many green businesses.

Discounts and special offers from green businesses - Take advantage of great discounts and special offers that are offered by participating green businesses. All businesses found in the ReDirect Guide have been qualified by our staff - we've found these great companies for you, and now these businesses can offer you special promotions for using your ReDirect Guide Visa.

Communicate your values and remember that every dollar is a vote - Kind of like a piece of string tied around your finger and bumper sticker all in one, the ReDirect Guide Visa is a constant reminder that every dollar you spend at green businesses is a vote for a better future. Your card is also a statement - the beautiful designs are meant to prompt questions from others that will give you an opportunity to explain how you and they can make change with every dollar.

An easy way to encourage change in others - Most of us know others that would like to help protect the environment, but don't act for a variety of reasons. The ReDirect Guide Visa is an easy first step for anyone to make, so spread the word about how easy it is to start making a difference today. Who knows, perhaps the discounts and special offers will encourage them to begin supporting green businesses or inspire them to become more sustainable in other ways.

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