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Departure: Architecture Planning Interiors LLC
Body, Mind, Spirit...and Place
1215 SE 8th Ave, Ste C  See Map
Portland.......(503) 236-5100

Formed in 2002 by principals Daniel Lajoie and Michelle Jeresek, our goal is to create authentic, responsible, and sustainable architecture. We seek new solutions in a forum that responds directly to the design at hand, without preconceptions, by responding carefully to the site, our region, our culture, and our client’s needs. Our focus is to make “special places” for people - places that create a personal connection for them. Consideration for the overall body, mind, and spirit is paramount to us. “Place” can enhance this experience significantly. A successful environment can promote emotional, spiritual, and physical health. And because the home is a place of retreat, rejuvenation and personal comfort, it is here in particular that we can begin to realize our full potential. We all have differing experiences and the places that allow each of us to experience these qualities differ from person to person. We not only honor this but wish to truly understand these differences with our clients within a safe and collaborative environment.

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Staff Notes

M. Johnson
Appropriately named, Departure Architecture Planning and Interiors, of Portland, Oregon, offers fresh and beautiful approaches to green home and building design. Examples of their work can be seen on their website, accompanied by commentary about green design elements.
Sustainability Statement
Our commitment to the overall betterment of the environment and personal health is incorporated thoughtfully into each project that we undertake. Throughout the entire design process, we provide pertinent information and client education about sustainable design principles and applications to determine the appropriate direction for their particular project. Departure brings a strong background in sustainability including LEED AP certification through the US Green Building Council. For those who desire to incorporate the very highest standard of sustainable thinking, a call for action through the Cascadia Region of the Green Building Council’s “Living Building Challenge” which, among other goals, promotes net-zero energy solutions.
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