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Greener Homes & Gardens will feature over 100 exhibits and a robust line-up of informative and cutting-edge seminars and workshops covering a a broad array of green, sustainable and organic products and services.


We have a two tracks of informative and educational seminars and workshops: Gardening and Home | Energy | Transportation. The current schedule is as follows (subject to change):

Gardening Seminars & Workshops

Saturday, May 17

10:00 - Seminar
How to be a Tree Hugger with Proper Tree Care
Damien Carr, Oregon Tree Care
11:00 - Seminar
Pesticide Use; the Good, the Bad and the Ugly
Bernard Black, Black's Pest Service
11:00 - Workshop
Okay your Chicks have Hatched, Now What?!
Tonya Meyer, PDX Backyard Chicks
12:00 - Seminar
Water Conservation for the Landscape
Brent Stevenson , DeSantis Landscape
12:00 - Workshop
Creating Your Garden
Donna Smith and Robyn Streeter, Your Backyard Farmer

1:00 - Seminar
Learn to Love and Save the Honeybee
Brian Lacy, Growing Gardens

2:00 - Seminar
Gardening for Your Pet
Chip Sammons, Holistic Pet Center
3:00 - Seminar
Does Your Compost Stink?
Liza Judge, Portland Community Gardens

4:00 - Seminar
Permaculture in Your Garden
Pam Leitch, Portland Permaculture Institute

5:00 - Seminar
Urban Edibles: Foraging the Unknown
Bobby, Urban Edibles

Sunday, May 17

11:00 - Seminar
Worm Love
Naomi Montacre, Concentrates
12:00 - Seminar
Introduction to Rain Gardens
Candance Stoughton, East Multnomath SWCD
2:00 - Seminar
Urban Chickens 101
Russell and Sue Romas, Tryon Life Community Farm
3:00 - Workshop
Making a Chicken Tractor
Russell and Sue Romas, Tryon Life Community Farm


Home | Transportation | Energy Seminars

Saturday, May 17

10:00 - Seminar
Easy Steps to An Energy-Efficient Home
Shawn O'Neil, Energy Trust
11:00 - Seminar
Biofuels as Technology
Mark Fitz, Star Oilco
12:00 - Seminar
Keep a Lead-Safe Home
Perry Cabot, Community Energy Project

1:00 - Seminar
Basics of Going Solar
Stuart Green, Solar Oregon

2:00 - Seminar
"What Makes a Green Remodel?"
Greg Martin, Kaya Construction
3:00 - Seminar
Residential Eco Roof Choices
Greg Haines, Ecoroofs Everywhere

4:00 - Seminar
Hybrid Home Heating and Cooling
Juaning Higgins, Portland Green Heat


Sunday, May 17

11:00 - Seminar
Green, Greener, Greenest:
Incorporating the right sustainable features into your home project
Paolo Scardina, Paolo Design Group
12:00 - Seminar
Geothermal 101
Steve Pernetti, Specialty Heating and Cooling

1:00 - Seminar
Electric Vehicle Talk
Gary Graunke, Oregon Electric Vehicle Association

1:00 - Seminar
Introduction to Clay Paints
Joshua Klyber, Living Walls

2:00 - Seminar
The Village Lives!
Building Strong, Localized Community Networks
Mark Lakeman,The City Repair Project
3:00 - Seminar
Recycled Paints, Low VOC and Green Building
Jim Quinn, Metro
4:00 - Seminar
The Most Cost Effective Ways to go Solar
John Patterson, Mr. Sun Solar


The following green products and services represented at Greener Homes and Gardens:


Cork & Bamboo Flooring
Custom Homes
Dry Cleaning and Laundry Services
Earthen Floors
Electronic Recycling
Energy Efficient Windows
Energy Improvements
Feng Shui
Flooring, Carpet, Tile, Marmoleum
Green Building
Green Cleaning
Green Design
Green Nursery
Home Energy Reviews
Home Improvement
Housing, Apts and condos
Interior Design
Kitchen and Bath Remodel
LEED Certification
Low VOC Paints and Stains
Mortgages and Realtors
Natural Plastering & Paints
Natural Wood Finishes
Net Zero Homes
Recycling Services
Remodeling & New Home Contractors
Renewable Renovation
Simplifying and Minimization
Sustainable Building Materials
Water Purifiers
Wood Flooring Alternatives & Finishing


Automotive Services
Biofuel Vehicles
Car Sharing
Creative Bicycles
Electric Vehicles
Flex Fuels
Green Motor Coach-RV
Plug-in Hybrids
Pollution-Free Transportation
Sustainably Innovative Bikes
Vehicle Conversions


Container Gardens
Chickens & Chicken Supplies
Edible Plants & Landscaping
Fertilizers & Soil Amendments
Food Foraging
Genetic Bio-Diversity
Landscape Design
Landscape Maintenance
Lawn Care
Local Food
Low Water Gardens
Native Plants
Natural Pest Elimination
Organic Agriculture
Organic Feed
Organic Food Delivery
Organic Garden Starts
Perennial Crops
Pesticide Free Gardening
Rain Barrels
Rain Gardens
Rain Water Harvesting
Seed Saving
Seed Swap
Stone Masonry
Tree Care and Arborists


Carbon Offsets
Electric Water Heaters
Energy Conservation
Geothermal Energy
Home Heating Oil
Radiant Heat
Rebate Incentives
Renewable Energy Programs
Room Temperature control
Skylights & Daylighting
Solar Attic Fans
Solar Panels & Arrays
Solar Power
Solar Water Heaters
Tankless Water Heaters
Wind Generation


Home Décor
Organic Foods
Pet Care
Skin Care


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