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We at ReDirect treat your personal information that you provide us with extreme care and confidentiality. The following highlights how we will use and safeguard the information that you provide us:

  • We will never sell, rent, or intentionally release any information that you provide us to any other third party.
  • If you grant us permission, we will contact you by mail or email on an occasional basis (typically no more than once a month) to inform you of news, upcoming events and promotions. In some cases, correspondence may come under the name of the event or program that ReDirect is producing.
  • You may receive correspondence under the name of events or projects that are produced by the ReDirect Guide such as GreenerHomesAndGardens.com, GiveGreenFair.com, and Green Sprouts Organic Baby and Family Festival.
  • At any time, you may request to have your contact information removed from our mailing lists by calling us at (503) 231-4848, replying to the correspondence that you received, or sending an email to info@redirectguide.com.


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