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Cottonwood Institute
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Cottonwood Institute is on a mission to connect underserved students to the outdoors and empower them to take action to improve their schools, the community, and the environment for future generations. Our vision is to inspire a new generation of 21st century leaders who are environmentally aware, civically engaged, and empowered to make a positive impact within their communities. We believe that students canít be expected to care about the environment if they never have a chance to explore the outdoors. We collaborate with schools and youth organizations to deliver high quality, high impact environmental education and service-learning programs that are designed to strengthen leadership skills, civic engagement, and environmental stewardship. For more information, please visit:

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Staff Notes

M. Hart
With courses like Wildland Firefighter, Stone Age Survival, and Horse Caretaker what student wouldn't be excited about the opportunity to learn wilderness survival skills, about environmental issues, and how to reduce their environmental footprint. Don't worry, there are plenty of adult programs as well... you could become the next surviorman(woman)!
Sustainability Statement
The Cottonwood Institute is committed to walking our talk in terms of environmental sustainability. Here are a a few things we are doing to reduce our environmental footprint: We strive to be a Zero Waste organization, meaning that we attempt to recycle and compost our waste and minimize the trash that we produce. At the Base Camp Bash, we compost all of our food waste, plates, and cutlery and at our Outreach Programs and public events. We email handouts instead of passing them out. When possible, we try to buy local and organic food during our courses. We try to recycle or compost our waste after our courses. We try to send people to our website instead of printing promotional materials. We take advantage of email instead of printing and mailing materials. We encourage carpooling for meetings and events. We encourage telecommuting, conference calls, and video conferencing. We reuse or recycle office paper. We use compact florescent light bulbs and turn off lights when they not in use.
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