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Organo-Lawn offers lawn and tree care using organic and environmentally friendly products. We specialize in organic fertilization, weed control, tree fertilization, aeration, insect control on trees, disease diagnosis, lawn consultations. We also try our best to be low impact on the environment. Our vehicles are powered by bio diesel, our electricity is 80% solar and 20% wind, we recycle whenever possible and we care about the environment.

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Customers often have problems with lawn care and often treat for problems like insects and fungus problems when it is not necessary. Businesses like Trugreen or Lawn Doctor often evaluate lawns incorrectly. If you have a lawn problem and want to know exactly why the lawn is struggling, call us first.

Sustainability Statement
We use sustainable and renewable fertilizers. Our fertilizers are derived from plant based materials. We reduce pesticide on average of 75% on an average lawn. We have a 9 kilowatt PV (Solar System) that powers about 80% of our electricity and the other 20% we buy wind power. When we drive to your house our vehicles are powered by bio diesel. Without Organo-Lawn most homeowners would not have access to quality and effective organic and safer weed control options.
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