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DeConstruction Services
The art of dismantling for reuse
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The ReBuilding Center offers DeConstruction Services, an affordable and sustainable alternative to conventional demolition. Working by hand, our skilled crews salvage for reuse up to 85% of a building’s major components. We hand dismantle anything: from a kitchen, to a full house, to a 100-year old grain mill. We work on residential, commercial and industrial projects. You will receive a tax-deductible receipt and documentation for all materials salvaged and donated. Our rates are competitive with conventional demolition. The tax deduction can offset initial costs.

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Staff Notes

H. Schrock
DeConstruction Services is not your typical demolition service. They actually salvage most of the usable materials form your demolition project to be reused for other projects saving thousands of pounds of waste form ending up in the landfill. An extension of the ReBuilding Center, Deconstruction takes special care to always have the interest on the environment, the workers,the community and your needs in mind!
Sustainability Statement
Deconstruction reduces waste, promotes reuse and recycling and minimizes the impact on our region’s natural resources. Deconstruction can help your project qualify for the U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED Certification. Deconstruction creates three to six local jobs for every one created by standard demolition. DeConstruction of an average 2000 sq ft house: • Preserves 2,400 gallons of clean water • Saves 33 mature trees • Provides 907 additional hours of work at a living wage • Reduces greenhouse gas emissions equivalent to taking 2.9 cars off the road for a year

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