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ReBuilding Center, The
Used Building Materials and Much More!
3625 N Mississippi Ave  See Map
Portland.......(503) 331-1877
Monday 10-6
Tuesday 10-6
Wednesday 10-6
Thursday 10-6
Friday 10-6
Saturday 9-5
Sunday 10-5

The ReBuilding Center carries the region’s largest volume of used building and remodeling materials. All materials are priced 50%-90% off retail or market value. Three hundred visitors come to The ReBuilding Center every day to browse the ever-changing inventory that includes sinks, tubs, tile, lumber, doors, windows, trim and much, much more.

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Building - Green & Natural Building Resources  [green, earth/eco friendly, sustainable, LEED]
Building Materials - Retail  [green, natural, recycled, reclaimed, salvaged, FSC]
Cabinets & tile
Doors & Windows
Sinks & Tubs
Free Pick-ups


Staff Notes

H. Schrock
The Rebuilding Center is just plain cool. Whether you are a builder, a remodeler, or a do-it-yourselfer the ReBuilding Center is a comprehensive and ever changing resource for supplies, materials and service. The staff is super friendly and knowledgeable, and you could spend minutes or hours just wandering around taking in all the great stuff they have to offer! If you are planning a project, make sure to include a stop at the ReBuilding Center!
Sustainability Statement
The ReBuilding Center, a project of Our United Villages, is a vibrant resource working to strengthen the environmental, economic, and social fabric of local communities. The ReBuilding Center diverts 8 tons of reusable building materials from landfills each day. In 2009, The ReBuilding Center will: Reduce waste: Divert 6.5 million pounds of building materials from landfills to be reused throughout our communities. Decrease our carbon footprint: Prevent pollution, reducing greenhouse gas production by 125,000 pounds—the equivalent of taking 715 cars off the road for a year, or saving enough gas to drive around the earth 430 times. Reuse Materials: Preserve resources (sinks, flooring, cabinets, doors, windows, tile & more)—end to end, circling the base of Mt. Hood three-and-a-half times per year. Preserve Resources: Save 4 million pounds of reusable wood—equal to 1,304 acres of planted pine each year.

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